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As Seen In Shopping Centres

Omnipro Series-3 Multi-Function
Full-Steel Expanding/Expandable Trellis/Barrier/Barricade

High Quality
(Suitable For Warehouses, Shops, Etc.)

Colour: Black (Other colour available upon request)

High-Quality Product
Made of Steel (Not Aluminium or Plastic)
Steel Posts, Steel Slats, and 4 Wheels for Ease of Movement from One Location to Another
Trellis Can be Mounted onto Wall
Trellis Can be Joined with the Same Trellis to Create Very Long Security Barrier (Similar as you see in shopping centres)
Trellis Has 4 Hinges Attached To It (Useful for creating 90 degree security barrier, or for securing odd shaped area which can not be done by standard trellis)
Lengths of Trellis:
Heights of Trellis:
Gap Between Slats to Ground: Adjustable (Can be as low as 100mm!)
(Depending on where you attach the trellis to supplied posts. The lower you attach the trellis to supplied posts, the lower the gap to the ground will be, and vice versa.)
Thick 15x15mm Mesh Tubes
Thick 40x40mm Posts
Suitable for Both Indoor and Outdoor Applications
Easy to Move with Castor Wheels (Castor wheels are detachable)
Lockable Castor Wheels (To prevent the trellis from moving around)
Trellis Can Be Expanded to Its Full Length in Seconds
Trellis Comes with 10 Extra Wall Mounts
Weight of Trellis: 35 kg
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