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OMNIPAD PRO R2 High-Quality Wireless Professional Weather Station
With Solar Transmitter and PC Link

Completely Wireless

The weather is a tricky thing... One day it rains then next it's sunshine!
And the weather man often gets it wrong! Get your own, personal, professional weather station and measure your own weather in your specific locality!
What's the wind speed?
The rainfall measurement, the indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity?
Be warned ahead of time if there is danger of a sudden chill - ruining your roses or your favourite plants! Know when there is a high wind BEFORE it comes and blows your roof off!
The Professional Weather Station has inbulit alarms that tell you if something BIG is about to go down.

Make an unpredictable thing just a little more predictable today!


High-Quality Product
USB Connection to PC
PC Software Control
Temperature - displays indoor and outdoor in either C or F
Humidity - displays indoor and outdoor with built-in hygrometer
Weather Forecast - indication of current weather (sunny, partly cloudy, cloudy, rainy/snow) along with atmospheric pressure display with built-in barometer
Weather Forecast tendency arrow
Clock - digital quartz for accurate time
Calendar - displays year, month, date
Wind Speed (in km/h, m/s, mph, knots, Beaufort) and Direction - information received from supplied Anemometer
Anemometer with built-in temperature and humidity sensors
Wind Gust - gust speed and alarm function
Wind Chill - temperature and alarm function
Temperature and Humidity Alert - alert when outside temperature and humidity reach certain degrees (for temperature) and percentages (for humidity)
Records Min and Max Temperature (indoor and outdoor) and Humidity (indoor and outdoor), Wind Chill, Dew Point, Pressure
Records Wind Speed, Gust Speed, Rainfall
Dew Point - measures saturation of the air to get condensation
Rain Measurement and History (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, total) - obtained from supplied rain gauge
Storm warning alarm
Alarm Clock
Barometric - pressure reading with trend indicator and history
Alarm Modes - Time, Indoor and Outdoor Temperature, Indoor and Outdoor Humidity, Wind Chill, Dew Point, Pressure, Wind Speed, Gust Speed, Rain
Up to 100m wireless transmission (open field)
PC Software included (Windows 7, Vista, XP compatible)
Wall hanging or free standing
2AA Batteries required for Receiver (not supplied)
Rechargeable Batteries included for Sensors (Solar powered)
Receiver Weight: 275g
Receiver Size (W x D x H): 119mm x 30mm x 172mm
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